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In this economic era, the constant need for global transportation can drive people away from even the best seats on commercial airlines into the open arms of private aviation. So, if those supposedly first-class seats have lost their lustre and you are in the market for a roomier and more luxurious travel option, there is one company worth considering. Aviastra can make your first foray into the world of private aviation a snap. There is no need to worry about the headaches of commercial airports any longer. Aviastra's team of highly-trained and experienced travel professionals make travel a breeze for the pressured professional or the consummate traveller. Instead of having long waits at customs, Aviastra's team will expedite you flight details and the grind you normally experience can be greatly reduced.

This is a great advantage over commercial flights. Aviastra in a new company, founded in early 2009, and yet among its ranks you will find approximately two decades of aviation experience just waiting to be made available to new clients and colleagues. This practical knowledge and understanding of how to treat clients well combined with an impeccable sense for business make Aviastra stand out from its competition. The prices and flexibility that the company offers can be accessed at any time throughout the day and night. Aviastra's main offices are located in Bournemouth and from there the company runs both their passenger charter operation and their air ambulance operations. The two functions separately and there are detailed briefings between the day and night shifts of both operations so that services always run smoothly and aircraft are available and ready to fly anywhere they need to at a moment's notice.

Every client is given the VIP treatment when they fly with Aviastra. They listen to your preferences and needs down to the minute details. Then, they select the right operators to meet those needs and organize every component of the flight for you. They will give a full briefing to the operator they choose for you about your preferences including things like preferred wines or reading materials, security needs and even detour desired along the route. Once your flight is in the air, Aviastra is still with you as they are monitoring the entire flight in real time from their headquarters. They will make appropriate adjustments with airport handling services if the flight is running early or late and even communicate directly with the flight crew should the need arise.

After they have completed the services that they were hired to complete, Aviastra's staff regroups and discusses any unexpected occurrences and endeavours to find new ways to improve the flight experience for their clients the next time around. It is a continual process of improvement and the pursuit of perfection is always in the forefront for Aviastra staff. If you do decide to enlist their services, prepare to be impressed by their ability to anticipate your every need while you fly to your chosen destination. A round-trip with Aviastra's help can be the perfect frame for the trip of your life.

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