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Ocean Sky

Ocean Sky is a company that can truly cater to all your private aviation needs. Whether you would like to the interior of your own private jet or simply charter a flight on one of their private aircraft, Ocean Sky can definitely meet your needs. They have a company- wide promise of “seamless service that makes your private jet travel a totally relaxing experience”. They have access to a wide array of aircraft ranging from helicopters to long-range heavy jets. So, for people that need different types of aircraft for different uses and occasions, Ocean Sky is a good option. Unlike other companies, there are no complicated membership costs or monthly fees.

The services of Ocean Sky can also be a perfect group travel option. Often there are events like sporting events, product launches and music tours that require a certain group of people to be transported together in a timely and convenient fashion. The flight crew will cater to the unique needs and expectations of the group as a whole and make sure that the flight is smooth and relaxing. Ocean Sky even offers the option of having an In-flight Coordinator on board if the group leader feels it is necessary of would be helpful.

In terms of business travel, Ocean Sky takes pride in the fact that they can transport corporate executives and board members across the globe efficiently. Their jets are outfitted with the latest in on board communication technology so that work can continue as usual while in the air. Another definite perk that Ocean Sky offers is the ability to respond in an extremely timely fashion when meetings are rescheduled. Since the company has access to many regional airports, Ocean Sky brokers can often charter flights that land in closer proximity to meeting locations which reduces time spent on ground transfers and in traffic. This service can also come in handy if you use Ocean Sky charters for road shows due to their demanding and often changing itineraries. The company prides itself on its flexibility and, thus, their staff really focuses on making the smoothest journey possible for their customers. In this vane, Ocean Sky has built business relationships with five-star hotels and top restaurants around the world so that in-flight catering arrangements and hotel reservations can be tailored to meet all of their customers' unique needs and preferences.

Ocean Sky's customer base is truly diverse. Some of their chartered flights transport customers to movie openings, photo shoots or film locations. Film destinations that are especially remote or difficult to reach are made accessible with the use of Ocean Sky's fleet of many different aircraft types and sizes. Their chartered flights also absolve the cast and crew of lengthy check-ins and misplaced equipment that can often be the norm when flying with conventional airlines. Ocean Sky flights also often transport Heads of State and other politicians all around the globe. Thus, Ocean Sky are very adept at and extremely dependable in arranging air-side access for ground transport and any type of special clearance or security detail that may be needed or required.

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