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Fractional Jet Ownership

The sweet siren call of owning a private jet can lure many a businessman or businesswoman into making a huge expenditure without really being able to afford it. The status of flying private is hard to beat, however, plus many a lucrative deal can be made aboard an aircraft when only the people involved in that particular deal are allowed on board at all. For those individuals that can afford to buy an entire jet but would just prefer not to be responsible for organizing its upkeep and maintenance, fractional jet ownership may be a reasonable and convenient option for them to consider.

Fractional jet ownership is the purchase of a share with a private aviation company which allows you to use it when you need to travel and also allows to not having to worry about it when you don't need to use it. Usually the minimum share that you can purchase is 1/16. This model of jet ownership began in the United States, gained momentum in the UK and then spread quickly to Europe. It must be clearly understood that fractional jet ownership is rarely based at all on a “time-share” model. If you own a share, you will always have a jet available when you need it because there is a huge fleet they choose from and many owners to exchange with. Corporations, entrepreneurs and high net worth individuals are the primary users of fractional jet ownership.

It is important to mention that unlike certain business jet clubs, with fractional jet ownership you will never need to share the cabin with anyone who you do not want to be there. You will have exclusive use of a particular jet when you choose to use it. The model of fractional jet ownership has gained popularity in recent years because it is a much less risky endeavour than buying an entire aircraft and being solely responsible for said aircraft. The idea that you can get the same experience without the risk and hassle of owning and maintaining an entire aircraft has brought many corporations, entrepreneurs and high net worth individuals into the court of fractional jet ownership. It has also brought in clients that would never have thought they could afford the private jet experience at all. Also, if business expenditures are closely examined by a board of executives or other overseeing body, it is much easier to explain the purchase of useful, flexible and cost-effective fractional jet ownership than the ownership of an entire jet with its costly upkeep. With the added security of a private jet, there is also another explanation to give to anyone who questions your purchase. Sensitive business matters are best dealt with in privacy and the comfort of knowing that you have made the right choice.

So, in closing, fractional jet ownership is a relatively new and increasingly popular option for a wide variety of clients. The next time you need a private jet, remember the options you have and don't let anyone convince you that owning an entire jet is a necessity. You can still fly private without the responsibilities and expenses associated with total ownership.

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