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Owning a Private Jet

Owning a private jet - what a concept. I once thought that owning a private jet was only possible in the realm of the super-wealthy world of shahs and movie stars. These days for corporate executives and board members, a corporate jet becomes an indispensable tool in their business arsenal. In this age of a global economy, the mobility that owning a private jet affords them is immeasurable. Phone conversations are inadequate when you need that person to person touch that can make or break a million dollar deal. Sales are also much easier to make when you can demonstrate the uses and quality of your product or service right in front of the customer's or client's eyes.

Entertaining a customer is also enhanced by owning a private jet. A quick flight from New York to London or Paris to Milan for dinner at a famous restaurant can also be the perfect addition to any weekend whether it is dedicated to business or more relaxing pursuits. At times during extended operations in a location such as Europe, owning a private jet serves as a useful air taxi between international cities. When others are stuck at some crowded airport, you can be focusing on more important issues about your very own aircraft and already be well on your way to your chosen destination.

In an emergency, owning a private jet can give you the ability to transport your loved ones or friends to safety or to the best medical facility for the issue at hand. During the aftermath of the recent earthquake in Haiti, one of the only ways that aid could be dependably and quickly delivered to the quake zone was by private jet. Many celebrities used their own private aircraft to deliver lifesaving supplies and the public helped fund other much needed flights filled with medical supplies and food.

Another advantage to owning a private jet demonstrated during the Haiti crisis was that private individuals could act more freely in lending a hand since they were not tied up with the political red tape of sovereign nations. In other words, owning a private jet makes one a citizen of the world. Whether you are competing in a tough business climate or lending a hand to those in need a private jet is among the top tools available to help you succeed at achieving you dreams and desires. One other advantage in owning a private jet is that while entertaining guests or dignitaries from around the world, you can customize their travel experiences as well. You can provide on board catering to impress your guests. The on board entertain options are all but unlimited as well.

If you cannot afford to buy a whole private jet for yourself, there are options available in fractional jet ownership. There is also the option they become a card-carrying member of a private aviation operator so that you can use private jets when you need them and not have to worry about their upkeep at all. On the path to success, a private jet can be the express lane which you are seeking.

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