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Jet Cards

If you travel without much notice and have trouble getting the flights you need when you find out that you have to be somewhere at the last minute, jet cards might just be the creative answer to your dilemma. With jet cards, you buy a specified amount of hours to be used on private jet travel and then you are able to schedule flights aboard private luxurious aircraft at your convenience even if it is at the last minute. You can also have the flexibility of which type of aircraft you will use for specific trips. Helicopters might be more suited for a quick jaunt from London to Paris but a heavy jet might be needed for a longer trip like one from Dubai to California. Having one of these cards in your pocket can amount to a fantastic degree of freedom.

When you know that you can fly anywhere at a moment's notice, it is much easier to conduct business, respond to family and personal needs across borders and even lend humanitarian add when natural disasters strike. Since each card has a designated number of hours purchased at the outset, when you run out you can determine how much you will need in the near future and base you next purchase on that assumption. Jet cards enable you to go where you want to go when you want to go without worrying about flight availability or aircraft maintenance costs that you would have to pay if you owned an entire aircraft yourself.

Some people might think that owning a private aircraft is the only way to get the freedom that most people yearn for in terms of travel, leisure and business opportunities. They would be quite mistaken and should be told about the many incredible benefits and amazing flexibility of jet cards. Jet cards open up the world of private aviation to many more individuals and companies than in the past. With more business being done on a 24-hour schedule, it is only fair that a larger segment of the business world have access to the many benefits of private aviation.

Jet cards economically make more sense for small companies and individuals than owning their own private jet. It is much easier to be able to call up a company that specializes in private aviation and ask them to handle the details of getting you where you want to go than figuring it all out yourself. Private jet cards can also be the perfect gift to impress a client or loved one. The freedom and flexibility just can't be beat. Any trip is made special when you can decide to do exactly what you want to do when you want to do it. An airport is no place to spend a vacation let alone a business trip. If you buy a jet card, the hours that you spend in the air may be some of the most enjoyable hours you spend all year. For those weekends that just need a quick getaway to be complete, use a one or even a couple of your jet cards to get wherever you want to be.

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