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Marquis Jet Card

If you prefer to be a part of the growing crowd that is choosing private aviation over the commercial airport grind, there is a flexible option you need to be made aware. One of the private aviation companies at the top of their game is NetJets and among their purchasing options is something called a Marquis Jet Card. For those new to the private aviation game, there are many different ways to place yourself on a private aircraft, the Marquis Jet Card is one of the most flexible and cost-effective options on the market. Add to that the quality of service they offer and all of the sudden a true contender for your air transportation needs becomes clear.

When you decide to purchase a Marquis Jet Card, you are buying 25 hours of private aviation service. With this setup, you gain the guaranteed aircraft availability of NetJets. Amazingly, they guarantee that the aircraft you order can be made available and ready to fly with as little as 10 hours notice. There is a service team available to help you at all hours of the day 365 day a year. The airports you have access to number in the thousands and are located in North America, Europe and beyond. When you choose which aircraft type to best suit your needs, you choose from up to 9 different types of aircraft. They will never charge you for domestic “empty leg” flights for the return trip from taking you to your destination.

For individuals and companies that are just not ready to make a long-term commitment in terms of buying and maintaining a costly private jet, the Marquis Jet can be a great option. Instead of spending your time and energy, on the phone the commercial airlines, in line at the airport, and sitting waiting for delayed or cancelled connecting flights, you can be in the air en route to your destination with your choice of food and entertainment at the ready.

You can even conduct business from the plane with the state of the art communication technologies that are available today. In today's business climate, the pressure to find and execute a lucrative deal can really weigh you down especially if you cannot get to where you need to be in time to plead your case or sell your product. There are also many other reasons a person or group of people would need to book a private jet flight including many different types of emergency including family medical traumas and natural disasters.

In this day and age, if you can afford to fly free, the Marquis Jet Card may just be the best way to do so. Taking safety into account, boarding a flight with only people you want aboard can really take many unwanted worries out of your mind. There are enough things to worry about once you land that you should not have to compromise your mental well-being just to get to where you really want to go.

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