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ATR 42

The ATR 42-500 is a well designed plane that can be a great addition to your fleet. If it is your first plane purchase then this can also be a great choice. The ART 42-500 can be put to a variety of uses; not least of which will be delivering your important employees safely from A to B. Many countries use the ATR 42-500 for regional passenger travel so you can be fairly certain that this is going to meet most of your transport needs.

Is an ATR 42-500 Going to Be the Best Choice for Your Business?

These days there is really a lot of choice when it comes to aircrafts for your business. All of these will have advantages and disadvantages associated to them. The ATR 42-500 certainly has its own charms and you will want to consider these before moving on to another plane. If this is the first time that your business has thought about buying a private jet then you might have a few other questions as well; the most important one being if you really do need to make this type of purchase. Here are a few suggestions for how you can answer that question.
  • If you are already spending a lot of money on air travel then this might very well justify purchasing your very own ATR 42-500. This type of expense can really mount up over a year and account for a huge proportion of your overheads. It is generally recommended that if your current needs exceed five hundred flying hours a year it might be time to start considering the purchase of a private jet.

  • You need to remember that you have to spend in business in order to make more money. Owning something like an ATR 42-500 can be a great investment in your business future because of its importance as a status symbol. Never be fooled into believing that this is not important. Million pound deals have been won for the simple reason that the potential client was taking for a trip in a company jet. When people see that you have your own aircraft it sends a really reassuring message of how successful you are.

  • Having your own aircraft can mean not missing out on important meetings. It sometimes happens that there are just no scheduled flights available to get you to your destination and you are stuck. Ok sure, you could consider a private jet charter, but if you are doing this too regularly you might be spending more than you would on a private jet.

Some Final Thoughts on an ATR 42-500 for Your Business

Only you can really decide what your business really needs. Do spend some time considering the need of a plane like an ATR 42-500. Even if this is something you can't afford at the moment, it could well be something that could benefit your company in the future. All the most successful businesses have their own business jets, and you want to belong to this group.

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