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Premier 1

A Premier 1 is a great private jet for any business who wants to go places. This aircraft first came into service in 1998 and since that time has developed a great reputation. A Premier 1 can comfortably hold up to seven people and can travel for distances as much as 2,519 km. The cruising speed for this type of aircraft is 519 miles per hour. This is a great choice for anyone who wants to charter a private jet or even buy one.

How a Premier 1 Might Change Your Life

Travelling by private jet is such a vastly different experience than travelling by an airline flight; there really is no comparison. With a Premier 1 you get an ultimate luxury experience and you can once again find the excitement of travelling through the sky at high speeds. If you travel regularly you are almost certain to have lost whatever wonder you had for travelling by plane but a trip in a private jet can bring all that back.

The other great thing about owning or chartering a Premier 1 is the convenience associated with the move. Instead of struggling through airports and being at the mercy of an airliner you get to be in charge; on a private jet you get to call the shots in regards to where and when you travel. It also means that you can get your journey complete in a much shorter time than would usually be possible. Best of all you can get there in a fraction of the time that it would normally take.

Chartering a Premier 1 Can be Cheaper than You Think

Most of us are just never going to be successful enough to purchase or own Premier 1. We shouldn't feel too bad about this though, because there are still ways that we can enjoy the experience of travelling in this type of style. These days chartered flights on planes like the Premier 1 are getting more and more reasonably priced. The fact that the economy is currently going through a bad patch also means that you can get even cheaper deals.

Tips for Getting a Trip a Good Deal on a Trip on a Premier 1

  • Make sure that you shop around; there really is a great variety in the rates for chartering a private jet.
  • If you are going to need to use a jet more than once in a year then make sure you mention this to the charter company. They will often be willing to offer much better deals if they know you can guarantee them further custom.
  • Make sure you try and negotiate the price down; must charter companies should have some manoeuvrability in regards to rates. If another charter company is offering a better deal than this one may be willing to at least match it.
Everyone should get to enjoy the experience of flying in a Premier 1. This really is a great way to travel and after you have experienced this you will not want to travel any other way.

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