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Gulf Stream V

The Gulf Stream V is such a great way to travel and if you can get a group of people it can work out to be quite reasonably priced. A few of my mates and I recently got together and chartered a Gulf Stream V to take us to South Africa for the World Cup. This turned out to be a trip of a lifetime and one of the most memorable parts of it was getting to A to B by such classy transports as a private jet.

The Difference a Gulf Stream V Makes to a Trip

I am no stranger to flying first class on the most respected airlines. I'll tell you though, there is no airliner in the world that can live up to the experience of travelling in a private Gulf Stream V. In fact travelling first class is going to be a real drag now that I know what it's like to really travel in style. It has actually really motivated me to want my business to do even better; I want to justify the expense of buying our own private jet. This might seem like a bit ambitious, but you have to aim big in this life if you are going to get anywhere. I'm actually quietly confident that one day there will be a Gulf Stream V waiting at my beck and call.

My Experience of How to Charter a Gulf Stream V

My friends I decided that we wanted to try something different for the World Cup. I spend a lot of time in airplanes and I've grown to loathe it. I suggested that we try and charter a plane. My mates were a bit hesitant at first but they gave me the go ahead to check out the prices. I knew that it wasn't going to be cheap, but it was a pleasant surprise to find that hiring a Gulf Stream V isn't that expensive either not really. I would say that I'm quite comfortable financially, but I wouldn't describe myself as rich not yet anyway.

I did a bit of research on the internet and it soon became obvious that there is a huge difference in the rates different charter companies charge for aircraft. Apparently this is a highly competitive industry and the recent economic meltdown has meant that they are fighting even harder for business. I spent a few hours one evening investigating all the different charter companies; all from the comfort of my laptop. I found one place that was offering a reasonable price for the charter of a Gulf Stream V. I sent them off an email, and after a few exchanges and some hard bargaining from me I was able to bring the price down even further.

My mates and I will never forget our trip to South Africa on board a Gulf Stream V; it did really make the trip for us. Some people might see it as a bit of an extravagance, but we all need to treat ourselves now and again.

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