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Hawker 4000

There have not been that many Hawker 4000 built so when you fly in this aircraft you know that you are experiencing something special. This business jet is also known as the Hawker Horizon and it is a super mid-sized plane that can hold up to twelve people. This jet is able to cover up to 6,075 km without the need to refuel; a quite impressive distance for this type of aircraft. This is an expensive airplane to buy (about 13 million), but many would say that it is worth every penny. Even among other private jet owners you are going to get a lot of respect for having a Hawker 4000.

The Importance of a Hawker 4000 for Your Business Image

Whether we like it or not, it is things like the ownership of a plane like a Hawker 4000 that can make a business seem a lot more important than other ones. A client who is looking to give their business to a firm wants to be reassured that they are dealing with an established and successful company; owning a private jet definitely sends that message. Choosing a company that can afford something like a Hawker 4000 tells you that you are dealing with winners, and by going with them that makes you a winner too. Isn't this the exact message that you want to be sending your clients.

In the cutthroat business world that we live in image has become more important than ever. If we don't invest in this image we risk losing out to our competition as they will be able to take the edge over us. The more successful we get the more it will cost us to remain that way. If we want ultra success then we need to be aiming for our own private business jet.

A Hawker 4000 is a Lot More Than Just a Status Symbol

Of course a Hawker 4000 is a lot more than just a status symbol. This is something that can quickly pay for itself by reducing the time executives need to be travelling and allowing them to be productive when they are on the move. How many millions of pounds are lost each year due to time out of the office and away from the phone? How many contracts are lost because you were out of contact from clients? Having a private jet can help you avoid all these missed opportunities; with a plane like the Hawker 4000 you can have an office above the clouds as well as on the ground.

The time saved by having your own private jet can be very significant. The most important thing is that you can now fly according to your schedule and not the airlines. This is important because in the world of business we need to be able to move at times that suit our calendar. Shifting things around to fit in with airlines can mean losing business or productivity. Having your own Hawker 4000 also means no more airport delays while you wait for your airline to get their act together.

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