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Boeing Business Jet

The Boeing Business Jet is a classy choice of jet that is used by many regional airlines as well as being owned privately by business owners. If you want to travel in style and get to your destination fast then you probably won't do much better than a Boeing business Jet. There is a wide selection in this range and they start in price from about 31 million and top out somewhere around 47 million. For this you can get a VIP jet that can comfortably sit up to sixty three people and travel at speed of about 890 km/h. Your private jet will be able to reach almost anywhere you need to go without the need to refuel; it has a range of 11,480 kilometres.

Can Your Business Afford to Own a Boeing Business Jet?

Even if things are going well for you company you may want to think a bit before investing 47 million in an airplane. This will need to be something that justifies the expense and a complete cost-benefit analysis will be required. Remember that not only will you need to pay for the initial cost of the jet buy you will have hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of running costs a year. The fact is that only a few of the bigger companies can really justify the purchase of a new Boeing business Jet. Of course you do have the option of purchasing a used jet, but these are not going to be very cheap either. When figuring out if the benefits justify the expense make sure that you take all the hidden benefits of owning an aircraft of this sort; things like prestige value and a having a useful a good asset if you ever need to raise funds.

For Those Who Can't Afford to Own Their Own Boeing business Jet

The expense of getting their own Boeing business Jet will be beyond the reach of many companies. This does not mean that they can't enjoy many of the benefits of owning such an aircraft though. These days it can be possible to charter a Boeing business Jet for quite reasonable rates, and this is certainly something worth considering. Here are a few tips to help you get the best possible deal when it comes to this type of aircraft charter.
  • You should avoid taking the first rate you are offered, because it is unlikely to be the best deal. These days you will find a wide variety in what people want to charge for this type of service. It really does pay to shop around if you want a good deal.
  • If you are going to be doing this type of thing regularly then make sure you mention this to charter companies. If they think that you can bring them repeat business they will be very accommodating with their rates. If you can guarantee them more business you are sure to get your charter a lot cheaper.
  • Always negotiate the price and remember that these charter companies need you a lot more than you need them.

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