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Challenger 300

The Challenger 300 really is an impressive piece of machinery. This business jet can hold up to sixteen people and will be able to take you up to 5,741 km without the need to refuel. If you want to buy this plane it will cost about 13 million. This plane has only been around for a few years so it will probably be difficult to get your hands on a second hand one. Thirteen million pounds might sound like a lot of money but if your business is doing well then you might easily be able to justify the cost of a Challenger 300.

How Having a Challenger 300 Can Be a Great Choice for Your Business

As your business grows you will find that your outgoings are going to increase greatly along with it. It isn't all just about profit and you really do need to spend a lot of money if you want to make a lot of money. If your business reaches a certain point then you will want to start considering purchasing something like a Challenger 300. If you time it right you will find that this expense will quickly start paying for itself.

Most successful businesses spend an absolute fortune each year on travel for their employees and executives. The internet does mean that we can do a lot online but there is still a huge need for face to face meetings; especially as you move up the food chain. If a client is giving millions of pounds worth of business they are just not going to be satisfied with a conference call. They want you in their office where they can look in your eyes. There are also international conferences where executives can drum up new clients and make multi-million pound deals. It is likely that there will always be the need for travel no matter how good technology allows us to communicate long distances. When you meet face to face you can develop personal relationships; something you really can't do on the web.

Making the Choice to Purchase a Challenger 300

When it comes to purchasing your Challenger 300 you will want to get the timing right. As well as costing a lot of money to run these aircraft also cost a lot to maintain and use. You want to make sure that when your Challenger 300 arrives in your hanger that you are ready to get value for money out of it. The way to find this magic moment is by doing a cost-benefit analysis. When the time comes when the benefits outweigh the costs then that will be the time to purchase your Challenger 300. Some people who know about these things suggest that when you are travelling more than 500 hours a year this might be the time to start considering your need for a private jet. If you are still not ready to make this leap you might want to consider chartered use of a Challenger 300; there are some good deals available for this if you are going to be using the service regularly.

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