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Falcon 50

Purchasing your very own Falcon 50 might be a good idea if you are already flying a lot throughout the year. If you are regularly chartering planes then you might almost definitely want to look into the possibility of buying your own business jet. Business travel expenses might account for a huge chunk of your budget, but it might be possible to reduce these by having your own plane.

How to Decide if You Would Benefit From Purchasing a Falcon 50

In order to work out if your current travel expenditure justifies purchasing your own private jet you will need to sit down and do a lot a cost-benefit analysis. This can be a complicated procedure because it will not just be as simple as weighing the cost of your current travel expenses against the cost of buying your own Falcon 50. You will also want to consider some of these other factors;
  • Owning your own private jet can mean that your executives can get to places a lot faster and be more productive while travelling. These extra hours of productivity will likely mean a significant increase in your company's earnings.
  • As well as paying for the Falcon 50 you will also have some high running costs. It can cost a couple of hundred thousand pounds for the running costs of a private jet every year.
  • A private jet can win more clients for your business by being able to take potential clients for trips in your aircraft.
  • Owing a jet ads prestige value to a business which could also convince some clients to do business with you.
Above you can see just a few of the other factors that can have an influence on your cost-benefit analysis. Some of these can be very hard to put a monetary value on. Some experts claim that if your business is already clocking up more than five hundred flying hours a year then you are probably better off buying your own aircraft.

Alternatives to Purchasing a Falcon 50

It may be the case that you just can't justify purchasing a new Falcon 50 or even a second hand model; at least not yet anyway. There still might be a way though that you can get to enjoy many of the benefits of having your own aircraft. If you can guarantee a charter company so much business each year they will be probably able to give you a very special rate. You could have it so that the charter company allows you to treat it as if it were your very own plane. Just remember though, that if you are using a charter company too much you really should consider buying your very own Falcon 50.

As a business becomes more successful the demands increase. If your business becomes successful enough then you will likely need to get your own jet. When that day happens the Falcon 50 might be a very good choice at least until you can afford something even more impressive.

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