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Learjet 35

If you want to really impress the one you love why not whisk them away for a trip in a Learjet 35. This business jet offers a once in a lifetime experience that your loved one will never forget. This is an aircraft that comfortably seats 8 passengers but for your romantic getaway you will only want the two of you; and of course the pilots unless you want to really impress and fly it yourself. A Learjet 35 will be able to take you for 3,690 km without the need to land so imagine the places that you can choose for a destination.

The Start of Your Romantic Holiday in a Learjet 35

Just picture the scene, you arrive at the airport in your chauffeured driven limo and get taken directly to the hanger where your private Learjet 35 waiting on the tarmac. You will board the aircraft with minimal fuss and you and your loved one will be giving the full VIP treatment. Once you are on board your private jet will whisk you away to whatever part of the world you have chosen for this romantic adventure. While on board you will be able to enjoy the food and drink of your choice and also sit back and relax with the entertainment that you want. People say that flying first class is like travelling in a five star hotel; these people have obviously never travelled in a Learjet 35. Compared to a private jet a first class ticket is the same as travelling by public bus.

Where Will the Learjet 35 Take You?

There really are so many choices when it comes to travelling by private jet. All you need is a landing field and you will be able to have this as your destination. With a scheduled flight you are severely limited in where you can go, but all these limitations are taking away when you have a Learjet at your disposal. Who wants to go on a boring trip to a sunny beach or walk around an overpopulated city? With a private jet you can really find a romantic spot where your loved one can know just how much you care about them.

The great thing about taking your partner on such a trip is that they are just never going to be able to forget it. This is something that can win you serious brownie points, and for months afterwards you won't be able to take a step wrong Life is short and we want to be able to demonstrate to those we love just how much they mean to us. A Learjet 35 will really make that person you love feel special.

Is a Trip in a Learjet 35 Just Too Expensive?

It is not cheap, but this is a once in a lifetime experience and many would say that it is worth the expense. These days there is a lot of competition between the different charter companies and you should be able to pick up a reasonable rate.

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