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Cessna Citation Excel

The Cessna Citation Excel/XLS has a cruising speed of 815 km/h and can fly for a distance of 3,441 kilometres without refuelling. It is a beautiful aircraft and once you have experienced a trip in one of these you will fall in love. There is only one major drawback with a Cessna Citation Excel/XLS and that's the fact that once you have tasted this luxury it will be painful to fly any other way. This is the same plane that Swiss Air uses for luxury travel and it is little wonder when you see what this plane has to offer.

What Type of Person Flies in a Cessna Citation Excel/XLS?

We once associated flight in a plane like the Cessna Citation Excel/XLS only with a uniquely privileged group of people; the real movers and shakers of this world. Times have changed though and it isn't only the super-rich and powerful people who get to enjoy this experience. Sure owing your own Cessna Citation Excel/XLS is going to be well beyond the financial reach of most of us, but that doesn't mean that we are excluded completely. These days chartering a private jet is working out cheaper all the time; and this is a realistic ambition for most of us.

Why All the Fuss About Flying in a Cessna Citation Excel/XLS?

If you have travelled in a Cessna Citation Excel/XLS you will rediscover the joys of flying. Nowadays going somewhere by plane is no more exciting than going by bus. In fact it has become something to dread for most of us who need to travel a lot. A trip in a private jet though, shows us what air travel should be all about and no matter how many times you travel this way you just can't help being impressed.

Of course if the only benefit was that it made you feel great this probably wouldn't be enough to justify the expense. The fact is thought that there are many business advantages to having your own private jet like a Cessna Citation Excel/XLS. It means that you arrive to your destination a lot faster and to a schedule that suits your needs. When you travel by private jet you can really get a lot of work done while in transit and this alone could help justify the trip; a private jet is a fine place to hold meetings and catch up on correspondence. When you travel by a scheduled flight you arrive at your destination feeling like you have just stepped out of a boxing ring. When you arrive by a Cessna Citation Excel/XLS you feel refreshed and ready for action.

Do You Need a Cessna Citation Excel/XLS in Your Life?

Most of us will answer yes to this without any hesitation. We can see the advantages of this airplane and we want it. Reality means though that our current financial situation doesn't justify it. No problem, keeping on moving towards success and one day you will be able to travel in a private jet; maybe even own one.

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