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Embraer Legacy

The Embraer Legacy is an attractive business jet that can fit up to thirteen passengers in comfort and style. This aircraft can travel for 6,060 km without the need to refuel at a cruising speed of about 518 mph. This is a good choice for all types of business travel and it can also be great for the adventure traveller as well. Buying an Embraer Legacy could set you back about 18 million but you can charter one for a reasonable amount of money. There is no doubting that this is luxury travel but some people feel confident that this is what they deserve.

Using an Embraer Legacy on an Adventure Holiday

Some people might view chartering and Embracer Legacy to go on a holiday to be a bit of an extravagance, but a lot of this is just sour grapes. We all would probably love to be able to travel in this type of style all though some people might be loathe admitting it. A flight in an Embraer Legacy is something you will never forget and once you have tried it once it will be torturous flying any other way. A private jet opens your eyes to hoe comfortable and convenient flying can really be and once that genie is out of the box there is no putting it back.

There are also practical reasons for using an Embraer Legacy for you holiday. If you are an adventure traveller you want to be able to get to places where normal airlines just don't fly to. If lying on a beach somewhere or visiting the sights of a city isn't your thing you can be a bit limited by the offerings available with scheduled flights. When you charter a private jet though your options multiply greatly and the world really is your oyster. Anywhere with a landing field will be suitable for your plane to land and this means practically everywhere on the planet. With your own plane you could set down in the great North Pole or the middle of the Gobi desert; how about that for an adventure holiday?

Making Your Dreams of an Embraer Legacy Adventure Holiday a Reality

We can now charter a private jet for a lot cheaper than at any time in the past. There is a lot of competition and this has driving prices down. Let's be honest here, there is no getting around the fact that it will cost you a big chunk of money, but you only live once as they say. Even if you only get to travel in a private jet once it will be an experience you remember for the rest of your life; you have managed to do what only a select few get to enjoy. If you enlist a group of people to go on this special trip with you then they can share the expense; making it a much more financially reasonable proposition. Just be warned though that after your time in an Embraer Legacy you are going to want to travel this way again and again.

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