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An international player in the field of aviation, Charter-A operates worldwide as a broker, consultant, facilitator, concierge service and ad hoc provider of private flights and charters. The main office of operations is located in Sussex at the London Redhill Aerodrome and is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The company also has many other offices located around the world including operations out of France, the United States, the United Arab Emirates and India.

Charter-A offers its customers helicopter, air taxi, light plane and jet charters through its access to over 8600 aircraft of varying types and sizes. The flexibility or their flights is a real selling point. When you charter a flight with this company whether it is for a long flight on a jet or a short skip to an island on a smaller aircraft or helicopter, the personalized service and adaptability to your schedule and choice of destination are hard to beat. There is a significant financial outlay for this level and type of transportation service but, if you can afford it the time savings and stress reduction aspects can be worth the added cost.

Charter-A's clientele include governments, private individuals, as well as many corporations that utilize its services. The types of people who charter their flights can be movie or sports celebrities, sports teams, government and military personnel as well as people who just want the experience of flying private at least once in their life. The full service treatment the Charter-A provides includes, upon request, transportation from the customer's door to the aircraft they have chartered. On board catering is also offered with a variety of choices available. Charter-A staff clear customs, ensuring that customers only have a five minute wait at the counter. If a customer wants to be picked up right from their own private property and they have the appropriate space for an aircraft to land and take off, that is also possible through Charter-A's point to point helicopter charters. With check-in times set at only 15 minutes before your flight, the Charter-A experience is drastically different from flying conventional airlines. Everything is pre-planned and your needs and preferences are always taken into account by Charter-A staff from the moment you book a flight.

Air transportation throughout Europe on smaller aircraft is a particular specialty of Charter-A. For business travellers with an unexpected meeting to get to or even emergency transportation to a remote location, Charter-A has aircraft that can handle the situation and your needs associated with it. If you need a quick flight to and from anywhere in the UK and/or Europe, Charter-A can transport you and your group in a quick and cost-effective way with what they call their Air Taxi service. Air Taxis are any aircraft that provide a short flight for 1 to 50 passengers. This can include light jets, prop planes and helicopters. Charter-A keeps a variety of thee types of smaller aircraft in locations throughout the UK waiting and ready to fly at a moment's notice. So, if your schedule demands flexibility and adaptability in your air transportation provider, the services and locations that Charter-A can deliver to you, and deliver you to, can really make all the difference in a trip whether it be for business, pleasure, or a combination of the two.

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