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Ecological concerns and private aviation has been at odds with each other for some time. Now, it has become clear that environmental concerns must be addressed since they are growing in significance both on the ground and in the boardroom. However, surprisingly few private aviation companies and service providers take full account and responsibility for the emissions that their jets emit into the atmosphere.

International Air Charter is one of the companies that truly do take the issues of global environmental significance into account. They are aware and responsible for the impact that there jets make on a daily basis and have taken steps towards becoming carbon-neutral in their business practices. These are not token changes that International Air Charter has undertaken these are the kinds of changes that businesses around the world should emulate as soon as they learn of their positive results. As part of their significant and forward-thinking corporate environmental policy, they thoroughly encourage their clients to offset the carbon emissions of their International Air Charter flights with the company's Carbon Passport Scheme. This particular program allows their clients to purchase credits which are called Certified Emission Reductions (CER's). These credits are commensurate to the carbon produced by the flight and are used to reduce an equal amount of carbon in the atmosphere through restorative environmental projects around the world. This process allows clients to fly in an effectively carbon-neutral way. These Certified Emission reductions (CER's) are subject to strict qualification procedures and ongoing government approved and issued only when projects are accepted under the clean Development Mechanism of the Kyoto Treaty.

Many environmentally conscious people hesitate to fly due to the amount of emissions that are produced. International Air Charter seeks to assuage their fears and concerns about the pressures of understanding the seriousness of global warming and dwindling resources. The fact remains that travel is often obligatory and flights are often the quickest way to get from here to there. A moral battle need not be fought within one's self every time you board an aircraft. Making adjustments to business as usual as International Air Charter seek to do can make all the difference in making intelligent and forward-thinking people breathe easier knowing that they are not causing untold damage to the planet. The transparent approach the International Air Charter has taken towards being realistic about the emissions produced by its aircraft en route really goes a long way in terms of building a good faith agreement between the company, its customer base and the planet.

These days, from an economic perspective, one needs to at the very least, appear to care about the environment in order to mould a successful public image for their company and themselves. There are many people who have adopted a green outlook as the tide of public opinion has come in. So, International Air Charter offers a convenient way to ensure that public opinion will not turn on your business or your personal image. The purchase of Certified Emission Reductions is an easy way to meet the needs of your public relations department or just your own moral compass. Either way, you will be very comfortable on your private flight to your chosen destination.

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