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Helicopter Charter

When businesses talk about air charter and travel, one of the first things that come to mind is the image of the sleek and shiny Learjet cruising above the clouds at sunset. Jets of all sizes are the predominate method of air charter service for obvious reasons. But in some situations a helicopter charter is a better option, if not the only option. One such situation involves medical transport form one hospital or care facility to another. For long-range medical transport a jet is far more comfortable and has more room for equipment and personnel. But for short range transport within a few hundred miles, helicopters make a lot more sense. Major medical facilities often have roof top helipads, allowing for "bed-to-bed" transport without the need for ground transportation. A helicopter charter also has the means to touch down in a larger selection of areas should a medical emergency arise.

A helicopter charter is a good option in large metropolitan areas as well. London, for example, has very restricted airspace and congested airports. While a charter jet could land at any of the major metropolitan airports, ground transportation into the city is still time consuming and potentially frustrating. Just as they do with hospitals, helicopters can land on roof top helipads, eliminating the need to navigate busy city traffic. For wealthier people the helicopter charter offers the freedom of flying into the city for a night on the town, then flying out when it's time to go home.

Two obvious constraints of using a helicopter charter include passenger capacity and range. Helicopters that would be able to make use of roof tops will usually be able to carry no more than four to six people. The shorter range of the average passenger helicopter (300-600 nmi) makes them impractical for more than short, limited trips. Helicopter charter operators in tourist locales offer a variety of services depending on their location. Major cities like London, Las Vegas, Glasgow, Frankfurt, and Sidney are replete with charters for sightseeing, city and regional tours, VIP charters, aerial photography, and pilot instruction. And then there are some destinations that can't be fully appreciated any other way. Wonders like Niagara Falls, the Pyramids of Egypt, the French Riviera, and the Grand Canyon. Of course, top level skiers have found helicopters to be invaluable in reaching some of the world's most amazing peaks.

For utility purposes, helicopters are used alongside bush planes in many remote areas of the world. Where there is neither room for a runway or a large enough body of water for a pontoon-equipped plane, all the helicopter charter needs is enough flat, open space to fit the machine into. Helicopters are used extensively in Alaska, South America, the Australian Outback, and many other remote areas.

As advantageous as helicopters are from a utility perspective, they aren't necessarily the most comfortable aircraft. In other word, a helicopter charter is not designed to surround you in luxury so you can forget the world and relax during your flight. Helicopters are noisy, cramped, very utilitarian machines designed to get you where you're going and nothing more. But if utility is what you're after, you can do no better than a helicopter charter.

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