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NetJets has been a pioneer in the field of fractional jet ownership and private aviation services since the late 1980's. Over the past two decades, NetJets has widened its scope and now conducts over 285,000 flights annually providing air transportation for their clients between more than 170 countries. The breadth of their service options and destinations has now placed NetJets in the forefront of the private aviation and fractional aircraft industry. They provide two buying options for their clients - NetJets Fractional Aircraft Ownership and the Marquis Jet Card.

The Fractional Aircraft Ownership option is the more affordable of the two choices when an individual or business requires the use of an aircraft between 50-400 hours per year on short notice or during periods of peak demand. This is also the most cost-effective option for those businesses and individuals that tend towards needing either more than one aircraft per day or have multiple departures from different locations on a regular basis. In other words, this first option is for customers with a higher frequency of travel and variety of destinations. For individuals and businesses that generally need fewer than 50 hours of jet services per year or just want to sample what NetJets has to offer, the Marquis Jet Card is an appropriate shorter-term commitment that should suit their needs. When you contact NetJets as a potential customer, a sales consultant will conduct a full assessment of your needs and preferences and then recommend a jet type and share size or a jet card that is appropriate for you or your company.

The minimum purchase amount that NetJets requires for fractional shares is 50 hours of annual flying time or 1/16 interests. There is also a one-time acquisition fee which is included in the purchase price. Marquis Jet Cards, on the other hand, are sold in single-year, 25-hour, prepaid increments. With both options, NetJets guarantees availability with even as little as four to ten hours notice. The length of time required varies according to the type of aircraft and the share of your share. They will dispatch either your designated aircraft or one that is either comparably sized or larger once they receive your flight request.

Since the NetJets fleet consists of over 800 aircraft of varying sizes, it is possible under certain circumstances for fractional aircraft owners to exchange to a different jet type if they feel the need to do so. All NetJets aircraft have to meet rigorous safety standards and details from ground transportation to on board food options are all meticulously handled by NetJets staff. The luxury and convenience of having a private jet at the ready for any or all of your travel needs is hard to beat. When the service is used by a business or organization, the time saved can increase efficiency and competitiveness considerably. When others are waiting in line at the airport, you can already be in the air well on your way to your destination. So, if you are looking to avoid the grind of conventional flights, NetJets may be a good bet for you or your business.

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