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In the world of private aviation, there are major and minor players. Some companies specialize in one particular niche and hesitate to explore and compete in other aspects of the industry. There are other companies that just seem to excel in multiple sectors of the industry and the relationships they build with manufacturers and other service providers solidify the continuity of their successes. One such company is the UK-based Emtjets. The company's founder, Adrian R. Twibill grew up in the UK and trained as a pilot in the US. Twibill eventually gained the knowledge and burgeoning desire to build a global marketplace for private jet charter flights and aircraft sales. In a brave and ambitious bid to corner the global market on affordable private jet flights, Emtjets has designed an advanced Air Charter flight system that serves a dual purpose of supporting the needs of both their customers and the ever important Aircraft Operators.

The mutual benefits occur through an active and ongoing bidding process in which Aircraft Operators bid and compete fervently for customers' air charter flights. The particular specialty that Emtjets has is in their provision of air charter flights and empty legs on a variety of types and sizes of aircraft to their loyal customer base. Although Emtjets can accommodate the transportation needs of large corporations, they also serve high net worth individuals, political leaders, and stars of the sports, music and film industries. The competitive bidding process also brings significant discounts and savings into play which is always a welcome occurrence for customers at every level of wealth. Bargains are just plain enjoyable for their own sake after all

Emtjets also maintains an incredibly comprehensive search engine for customers who wish to purchase and/or sell an aircraft. There is an incredibly varied inventory to choose from which is always changing and developing. The global exposure that can be gained from placing an ad for sale with the help of Emtjets is immeasurable. There is a sales team in place and ready to assist any seller with their extensive knowledge, experience and contacts. Whether you are looking to find or sell an aircraft, this is a resource worth tapping. The information in the system is updated continually and will display the latest new and used aircraft listings on demand.

People who use the Emtjets search engine may come to it for very different reasons. However, whether you are in the market to buy a jet, sell a jet or merely size up the market and price trends, Emtjets has something for you. The company has expert staff that excels in the business of connecting the power players both to compete and to compromise. Hammering out a deal with the sums of money that come into play is not for the faint of heart. So, if you need someone in your corner that knows more about aircraft and the aviation industry than you probably do, Emtjets is a company to remember and contact when you are in a crunch pertaining to a jet or a trip you just found out you need to take.

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