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When in the market for a private jet experience, consider the source. Depending on what charterline you choose, you can either be sharing a “private” jet experience or flying in style while dining on cuisine from a top-rated restaurant of your choice. In the world of luxury, there is a hierarchy. This hierarchy consists of those companies that un-apologetically cater to the ultra-rich and those companies that attract customers who want to feel like they are among the truly wealthy without paying top-dollar for their seats. Certain private aviation companies make it their business to attend to every detail of their customer's journey from the moment they book a flight. Some companies will even charter certain types of aircraft such as helicopters that will be able to land on the customer's property if there is a sufficient and appropriate landing area available. These are among the companies that cater to the ultra-rich. They offer options such as fractional or complete jet ownership. After all, even if you can afford to own your own jet, you may prefer for a charterline to take care of the details like maintenance and storage. These companies have the connections with manufacturers that are so important in keeping a jet safe and ready to fly at all times.

The other option if you are set on the idea of flying private is to find a charterline that will meet you halfway in terms of price and services. These companies are in the business of filling planes albeit non-commercial planes generally. If you do not have hundreds of thousands of dollars to spare, you will most likely be making the jump into the hands of a charterline that fill the “empty legs” of the aviation world. These “empty legs” are the flights to and from the location of another already booked customer. These planes would unoccupied of passengers if it weren't for clever and efficient charterlines that fill and make a profit out of these flights. In some cases, even if you buy a ticket with one of these charterlines for just such a flight, you will still be sharing the flight with other passengers you don't know. If you can afford to buy up all the seats in the cabin, you can ensure that you will be the only passengers or passengers on the flight.

Either option will get you where you are going in a more simple and convenient fashion than most commercial airlines. In one case you will be paying a charterline for the same jet every time and in the other you will have to make do with the one that is scheduled to be available when you are ready to travel. So, it is hard to go wrong when you choose to fly private. The degree of luxury that you enjoy along the way is determined by the amount of money with which you are prepared to part. If money is no object, your hardest decision will probably have to do with your design choices for the interior of your very own aircraft.

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