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Affordability and luxury are not usually discussed at the same time. In the case of one private aviation service provider, an exception can be made to this unnecessary rule. For a more affordable route into the world of private aviation, LunaJets is a company that makes a business out of cutting luxury prices down to size. They book flights for their customers aboard jets that are returning from dropping off another passenger or flying to pick up a passenger. These flights are known in the private jet industry as “empty legs” due to the past norm of these flights holding no customers for one leg or more.

Nowadays, due to LunaJets and companies like it, there are fewer and fewer “empty” planes in the sky. The software that the company has developed to analyze and fill empty flights around the globe can be accessed by their customers to find the flight they want when they want it. These days' customers expect to be active participants in the purchase process and relish the ability to find the best deal right in front of them on their computer screen. There are also additional flights that can be negotiated with LunaJets if nothing in the database matches a customer's needs and/or itinerary. The price of your ticket is minimized through negotiations with jet operators and you can buy a single seat or a whole cabin on flights less than 2 hours and 30 minutes in length or do the same for flights taking longer than that amount of time. When you buy individual seats, you may share a plane with other members but if you buy the entire cabin, you will have the whole plane to yourself. Preferential rates are gained through the high volumes of flights that the company books.

There is a JetShare Forum on LunaJet's website for members as well where members looking to share space on a jet can find other members with whom they can share the flight. On the website, members can also find information about empty leg flights that are coming up on their favourite routes. Members can request to get email alerts when these certain types of flights become available. This company is an attractive option for bargain shoppers across the globe. It also seems to be a unique way to meet interesting people on the different routes and flights that your travels demand. If you decide to become a member, you may even end up travelling more than you would have otherwise when you discover how pleasant it can be to share a “private” plane. It sounds like a lot of fun and an incredibly creative way to avoid the lines and headaches that are inevitable when dealing with the maze that conventional airlines lay out for all their customers. The combination of affordability and luxury is hard to beat. Add flexibility to the mix and you have a recipe for a truly unique and enjoyable journey with a price-tag that will not cause any fainting spells or temper tantrums. The airport grind can no longer boast the same level of convenience and comfort on a dependable basis anymore.

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