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Jeffersons Private Jet Holidays

Amazing is a word that could be used to appropriately describe the idea of being lucky enough to partake in the luxury of Jeffersons Private Jet Holidays. For the lucky few who can afford these truly unique and luxurious holidays, flights by private jet depart from airports throughout the UK. We have all heard of supposedly all-inclusive holiday deals but, these are truly all-inclusive to an outstanding degree. To start with, you choose the private jet that will whisk you away to and back from your choice of the diverse array of destinations that Jeffersons Private Jet Holidays offers. You will be able to choose from some of the most luxurious hotels and destinations that Europe, Russia, Africa and beyond have to offer. There are also specific trips designed for yachting and skiing enthusiasts.

Once you have departed on your journey, the onslaught of luxury will begin. On board the jet, you can enjoy champagne and wine to your heart's delight since you will be met by a limousine at your destination to sweep you off to the hotel of your choice. Depending on your preference of room grade, you can relax in your room or suite once you arrive. Jeffersons Private Jet Holidays also make a point to mark your return jet trip with an outstanding gastronomic experience of canapés and caviar. The mark of luxury is all around you on these holidays. Whether you choose to visit Capri or Corsica, Monaco or Madrid, all the best of everything will meet you at every turn. Jefferson Private Jet Holidays takes luxury seriously and will take every chance to cater to your preferences and travel needs. For instance, if you would prefer a helicopter to a limousine transport to your hotel, that can be arranged.

The details are the field in which Jeffersons Private Jet Holidays really excels. Parking, for example, is an important issue. Everyone wants to feel secure knowing that their car is not going to be in harm's way while they are away. Jeffersons Private Jet Holidays arranges complimentary secure parking at most of their departure airports for the duration of your holiday. You don't have to worry about time-consuming departure procedures as there is no formal check-in and you only need to arrive a mere 15 minutes before your scheduled departure. Also, it is barely believable but true that if you are late, the plane will indeed wait for you. You will have pre-clearance with immigration and customs authorities upon arrival and as such Jeffersons Private Jets Holidays will request that you forward them your passport details when you book your trip. If you request a larger aircraft, there will be a cabin staff at your service. So, one last thing, if you want to give someone you really care about an incredible gift, Jeffersons Private Jet Holidays Gift Vouchers can be purchased either for a particular holiday destination or a specific price amount. Talk about a gift that will not soon be forgotten, this would indeed be it.

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