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NetJets Europe aims to amplify pilot performance, reaction speed and safety by making sure that each pilot flies only one aircraft type so that they are accustomed to the specific controls and their placements in case of emergency. The company also monitors the performance of NetJets Europe planes and pilots in real-time as they are in the air through a satellite data link. Even though European law only requires the company to monitor large jets, like the Gulfstream and Falcon 7x, the company has extended its monitoring capabilities to over one third of all NetJets Europe aircraft. Before each plane departs with customers aboard, the Pilot in Command and the Flights Dispatcher communicate to finalise the safety checks, weather analysis, fuel on board and performance calculations. An agreement has to be met between the two before the plane can be released and taxi to the runway. This “check and balances” practice goes above and beyond what is mandatory in Europe for general aviation and even large commercial operators.

Well after the plane has landed, a senior pilot will sit down with an active pilot and discuss any irregularities in the recorded flight data so improvements can be made. The flight data will also be analysed for trends, so that anything unusual can be addressed with NetJets Europe flight crews and the training department.

NetJets Europe has solid financial footing since it is financially backed by AA-rated Berkshire Hathaway. This enables the company to spend double the industry standard on pilot training and make significant investments in the latest monitoring systems and the best in aircraft maintenance. This also means that NetJets Europe is able to have more private aircraft at their disposal than any other company in the entire world.

NetJets Europe also has many mutually beneficial relationships with aircraft manufacturers around the globe. These relationships have been built over decades of cooperation and commerce and manufacturers have come to appreciate the feedback that NetJets Europe can offer about their planes' performance and maintenance records. This wealth of field-tested information is used by many aircraft manufacturers to continually improve the quality and safety levels of the aircraft they have in production as well those still being designed. One important benefit of these productive relationships with the manufacturing sector that NetJet Europe receives is priority treatment at aircraft service centres. Often, aircraft manufacturers even send out aircraft service teams who are ready and willing to stop whatever they are doing and fly to the site of any issue with a NetJets Europe aircraft.

NetJets Europe is a company that has earned its stripes in the world of private aviation. Across the board, there is an atmosphere of dedication and quality in its business practices as well as the services it delivers to its large and loyal customer base. Several decades in the business have given NetJets Europe the ability to become a solid choice for any customer looking to either upgrade to the private jet experience or maintain the highest level of quality for their personal transportation needs.

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